WordPress Plugins

Here are a collection of WordPress plugins I’ve developed and support. All support should go through the support forums documented in each plugin.

Plugin Description
Redirection Automatic and manual 301, 302, and 306 redirections. Includes regular expression support and redirection/404 statistics.
HeadSpace2 One of the most powerful plugins to manage SEO, meta-data, tracking codes, and many other tasks.
Filled In A generic form processing, validation, and data gathering plugin (with AJAX support) that provides full data management.
Search Unleashed Advanced searches across posts, pages, comments, meta-data, and URls, with search highlighting (from incoming search engines too)
Search Regex Full regular-expression supporting search and replace across posts, pages, comments, and meta-data.
Drain Hole Download monitoring, management, and statistics plugin, with ability to embed download data in posts.
Audit Trail Maintain a log of administration actions as well as providing a full version history for posts.
Sniplets A generic text insertion plugin with support for an extensible processing framework – insert anything you want into a post!
Pirates Ahoy! Translate your blog into Pirate.
HTML Purified Replaces the comment filtering mechanism with HTML Purifier, a more exhaustive library. Produces XHTML valid comments.
User Permissions Assign permissions on posts to allow or block specific users and roles from editing – allows a very customisable permissions structure.
Tidy Up Perform an HTML Tidy across posts and comments (with preview and save), and adds a Tidy button next to posts on the management screen.
AJAX Calendar Genetically enhanced AJAX version of the WordPress calendar, providing asynchronous month navigation and drop-down information.
Anti-Email Spam Simple plugin to encode email addresses with either JavaScript or HTML entities and protect yourself against email harvesting scripts.
Google Ad Wrap Wraps posts and comments inside Google Sections, so as to better target Google’s search and enhance your pages.
Disable wpautop Disables the WordPress auto-formatting function wpautop and reduce any invalid syntax problems your site may have.
Slugs With Periods Allows periods in post and page URLs
Jump-To Direct drop-down navigation from multi-page posts, allowing you to quickly jump from one page to another.
PageView Embed a webpage inside a post with a nice style.
Extended Comments Widget A widget that shows a section of comment text along with the author name.

These are hacks or modifications:

Plugin Description
Related Thumbnails With YARPP Create related thumbnails with YARPP.

These plugins are developed externally and I don’t provide direct support for them:

Plugin Description
FAQ-Tastic Create and manage FAQs with a SEO focus and a built-in rating system.
Gravatar Widget Add a Gravatar to your sidebar via a widget
Sharedaddy Share your posts with Twitter, Facebook, and a host of other services

These plugins are no longer supported:

Plugin Description
InScript Complete control over your content, with the ability to insert scripts, variables, and PHP anywhere.
Separate Comments & Pings Removes all pings & trackbacks from comments and allows you to display them separately.
Advanced Permalinks Allows per-post and per-category permalink structures, making it super-easy to migrate permalinks without needing 301 redirections

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  1. Heeellllpp!!

    Please tell me you can help and that I’m not an idiot!!

    All I want is to add “Recent Comments” and “Recent Posts” to my sidebar, but I know virtually nothing about code-writing and all the jargon is really off-putting…if you can offer some assistance, it would really, really be appreciated..

    Blaghdaddy of “The Blaghdad Café”

  2. Hi! I just want to add meta-keywords and meta-tags to my blog (static words, only on front-page). should I use InScript or better HeadSpace?
    Thanks for your great coding!