AJAX Calendar


Download: AJAX Calendar
Version: 2.5
Supports: WordPress 2.9 – 3.1

AJAX Calendar is a plugin that will display an AJAXified WordPress calendar. This enhances the functionality of the standard calendar by:

  • Allowing the asynchronous navigation of months, without updating the page
  • Add to blog via a widget


To install the plugin:

  1. Download AJAX Calendar
  2. Unpack the zip. You should have a directory called ajax_calendar, containing several PHP files
  3. Upload the ajax_calendar directory to the wp-content/plugins directory on your WordPress installation.
  4. Enable the calendar in your theme from the Widget page
  5. Make any modifications to your theme, as required
  6. Activate plugin

You can find full details of installing a plugin on the plugin installation page.

Support & Bugs

Support and feature requests should be made through the AJAX Calendar support forum. You can contact me directly but I spend a very limited amount of time on direct support and you stand a better chance of being answered through the forum.

If you find the plugin useful then please do consider making a donation – it is appreciated and helps towards the maintenance of the plugin.


279 Responses to AJAX Calendar

  1. I am playing with this calendar on my site and have also got it installed on one of my client’s sites. Can you please let me know if this calendar has the ability to export the schedules & entries into iCal?

  2. how i can call function AJAX Calendar in footer.php?
    – call standart calendar WordPress

    And with installed plugins:
    function get_calendar() {
    global $wpdb, $m, $monthnum, $year, $wp_locale, $posts;

    add_filter( 'query', array( &$this, 'modify_calendar_query' ) );

    $text = get_calendar( true, false );

    remove_filter( 'query', array( &$this, 'modify_calendar_query' ) );

    $text = str_replace( '<a', '<a onclick="microAjax(this.href + \'?ajax=true\',show_micro_ajax); return false"', $text );
    $text = str_replace( '<a', '
    doesnt works =(


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