HeadSpace 3.6.21 – WordPress 2.3, 2.5, and 2.8

HeadSpace 3.6.21 has just been released and is in preparation for the upcoming WordPress 2.8, fixing several issues with tagging. In addition to this it also restores compatibility with WordPress 2.3 and 2.5. I’d be interested to know how many people are using older versions of WordPress (more than one major version) and whether this feature is of any use.

Also included in this version is a raw footer module that allows you to add anything to the wp_footer area of your theme.

WordPress 2.3 – Tagging and HeadSpace

I upgraded to WordPress 2.3 over the weekend and other than a few bumps it seemed to go relatively smoothly. The bumps were very curious and coupled with a melt-down of the server resulted in the site being out of action for a few hours. Eventually everything magically resolved itself, so I’m going to chalk it down to just ‘one of those things’.

One of the new features in WordPress 2.3 is tags, and I’m very happy with the way that they’ve been integrated. The developers have chosen a softly-softly approach, leaving the door open for others to take it further (as detailed by boren.nu). Being one of these others I’ve updated my HeadSpace plugin to make full use of the new 2.3 tagging facilities. HeadSpace takes the default tags further, adding many extra features, which I’ve decided to demonstrate in a short video.

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HeadSpace2 3.2 – Modules, importers, and mass-editing

This is a biggie so I’ll try and not write too much. HeadSpace is now running at version 3.2 and has had a thorough overhaul and feature boost that is designed to push it past other meta-data plugins. This includes:

  • Modularization – everything is now a module and can be enabled or disabled and re-ordered. You can decide exactly what meta-data you are interested in and how it should look
  • Site modules that affect the whole site and add Google Analytics, Mint, StatCounter, Crazy Egg, and more
  • Much better tagging, with a smart auto-suggestion that matches similar words
  • New modules for custom ‘more tags’ and no-index capability
  • Mass-editing mode that allows you to edit all your meta-data from one page
  • Importers – now you can easily import data from other meta-data plugins directly into HeadSpace. This includes UTW, SEO Title Tags, and All-in-one SEO


HeadSpace2 3.0.8: RSS options & update notification

Version 3.0.8 of HeadSpace2 brings with it:

  • RSS options – Change the RSS title and description for your site and category pages
  • Update notification – The HeadSpace2 plugin page will now show any updates to the plugin when they are released
  • Hack to allow HeadSpace2 to work with ImageManager plugin
  • Bug fix to remove error message when saving options

Filled In & HeadSpace – WordPress Plugins

An update on two of my WordPress plugins: HeadSpace is now standing at version 3, and Filled In at version 1.6. Both have had extensive changes. HeadSpace now allows you to define meta data across all WordPress pages, as well as supporting Ecto. Filled In is a very powerful form management system that has had a major revamp and is now much more capable and even has the ability to add CAPTCHA images to forms.