HeadSpace2 3.2 – Modules, importers, and mass-editing

This is a biggie so I’ll try and not write too much. HeadSpace is now running at version 3.2 and has had a thorough overhaul and feature boost that is designed to push it past other meta-data plugins. This includes:

  • Modularization – everything is now a module and can be enabled or disabled and re-ordered. You can decide exactly what meta-data you are interested in and how it should look
  • Site modules that affect the whole site and add Google Analytics, Mint, StatCounter, Crazy Egg, and more
  • Much better tagging, with a smart auto-suggestion that matches similar words
  • New modules for custom ‘more tags’ and no-index capability
  • Mass-editing mode that allows you to edit all your meta-data from one page
  • Importers – now you can easily import data from other meta-data plugins directly into HeadSpace. This includes UTW, SEO Title Tags, and All-in-one SEO


12 thoughts on “HeadSpace2 3.2 – Modules, importers, and mass-editing”

  1. Hi,

    how do I update headspace? Just upload the new version and overwrite the old one? Won’t my existing headspace data be affected?

    PS: Love your plugin! it’s really great!

  2. I’m staggered at the amount of work you’ve obviously put into HeadSpace2, John. Thanks for going to all the trouble, and for offering this plugin to the world for free.

    I’ve run into a snag trying to add tags to my posts in the mass edit interface. First, the same post appears at least a hundred times – it’s just repeated. Second, I get a message ‘you are not allowed access to this resource’.

    FYI, I’m still on WP 2.2 and I’m not running any competing SEO plugins (SEO all in one, etc).

    Any illumination appreciated!

  3. Thanks John! Mass editing works just fine in the new version, though I should add that it crashed my site until I upgraded to WP 2.3x. No worries, there, I wanted to upgrade anyway, but this just gave me the extra push.

    I like the ‘suggest tags based on content’ feature in the post edit window, however it doesn’t seem to work very often for me. I’m having more luck with the Yahoo option. Maybe the issue is that my posts are rather short, and I don’t have too many tags defined on my site yet.

    Whatever the case, I remain a fan. I’m also working with your ‘redirection’ plugin.

  4. The suggest tags feature works by using your existing tags. If no existing tags match in a post then nothing will be suggested. The idea is that over time you will build up a set of tags that suit your site, and the suggest feature will then be able to suggest appropriate tags.

  5. Hello, John!
    I am a big fan of your plugin, thank you for the great job!

    I have a wish and a problem concerning this. Is it possible to add added tags to

    And the problem, you can see it on the picture here: http://bild-upload.smok.de/gallery/3415.htm
    After HeadSpace part nothing is shown on pages. Everything is ok with articles though.
    I mean this part here: http://bild-upload.smok.de/gallery/3416.htm

    What can one do about this?
    Thank you in advance!

  6. I am a new user to your wonderful program but I too am having some issues with the tags..

    I don’t know if it matters, but should proper names retain capitalization?

    The bigger issue I have is not recognizing phrases or names…

    In the text might be Mary Smith 5X and Mary Smith is the most used tag, but the program suggests “mary”. lowercase, and just mary, and just mary is of no benefit as a tag or keyword. There is no value to the tag without the last name to go with it.

    If I have something set wrong, i.e. the inability to get multiple words/phrases, please let me know.

    It seems you would somehow determine word frequency or placement (like in the title) to place a value on the words/phrases. You would then look for matches in the existing tags. I suspect that is the basic logic but it doesn’t seem to grab First/Last name combos or other phrases.

    I believe the other person said the Yahoo options were better. I get many more from Yahoo but still not a great list. I end up getting most of my tags from my previous tags list.

    I just started using this great program yesterday so my problems might be me, not the program.



    1. The plugin has no concept of proper names. Capitalisation has no/little effect in keywords, and only a visual effect in tags. The suggested tags are simply generated by looking at words, not phrases, so a person’s name will always be broken into their constituent parts. No meaning is placed on these words, other than suggesting words that are similar (i.e. ‘pipe’ and ‘pipes’)

      Yahoo has a very powerful suggestion method based upon vast databases of information. HeadSpace does not try to compete with this.

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