A Case of a Weak Escape

All of my plugins should now be WordPress 2.8 compatible. For the majority of them the only issues involved were based on the use of the WordPress SQL escaping function. Previously I was calling this statically:


A bad habit I probably picked up from somewhere back in the WordPress 1.5 days that has stuck around. In WordPress 2.8 this function no longer works statically. The simple fix is to change it into:


I’ve mentioned this here in case it’s useful to anyone else experiencing a PHP error along the lines of:

Call to undefined method _weak_escape()

A preferable change will be to make use of the new SQL prepare functions: Data Validation.

In other plugin news I’ve add a Geo IP locator service to this site, which is now used internally in my plugins for mapping an IP address to a location. Quite a fun excerise, and one less reliance on external services (which have a tendency to change without you noticing).


A few days after I wrote about Sequel Pro, a link from Daring Fireball leads me to Querious, a commercial MySQL management tool. At a glance it seems to offer everything that Sequel Pro has, along with the ability to manage users and permissions.

Hot on the heals of this The Apple Blog has a Sequel Pro vs. Querious showdown. The conclusion is similar, and the comments make for interesting reading with links to further tools.

Sequel Pro

Back in 2007 I wrote about CocoaMySQL, a small GUI for MySQL that allows you to manipulate and manage MySQL databases through a native Cocoa application. Since then development of CocoaMySQL died off and it has since been abandoned. A shame really as it did have several frustrating quirks that spoiled an otherwise great application.

Recently I came across Sequel Pro, a fork of CocoaMySQL that has big plans to stabilise the core code and turn it into a multi-engine database management tool (with support for SQLite and PostgresSQL scheduled for the future). Despite being available since early 2008 I’ve seen very little mention of Sequel Pro.

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