A few days after I wrote about Sequel Pro, a link from Daring Fireball leads me to Querious, a commercial MySQL management tool. At a glance it seems to offer everything that Sequel Pro has, along with the ability to manage users and permissions.

Hot on the heals of this The Apple Blog has a Sequel Pro vs. Querious showdown. The conclusion is similar, and the comments make for interesting reading with links to further tools.

One thought on “Querious”

  1. I didn’t like the showdown. It looked more like an ad for Querious than an independent investigation.

    I find Sequel Pro a godsend. Attractive and quick, allowing even a designer type such as myself to poke around the database fixing up whatever loose ends go astray.

    In line with the quality of the software, I donated to Sequel Pro. No reason that open source software need be any less polished than commercial software. Lately I’ve noticed the inverse fairly often.

    Still a big issue with operating systems. I experimented heavily with Linux but found that it just couldn’t match the polish and functionality of Apple’s 10.5.

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