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I’ve just committed a new version of Redirection to trunk on the plugin repository. This isn’t available for auto-download just yet as I want to make sure any problems are ironed out. If you’re a willing test subject then I’d very much appreciate any feedback. The code is running on this site and hasn’t melted anything (yet).

There is little visible difference between 2.2 and 2.1.29, but internally there has been a big cleanup. Large amounts of compatibility code has been cleared away, some of it going all the way back to WordPress 2.3. I’ve optimized the database where possible, and hopefully fixed the annoying bug that surfaced when WordPress 3.0 came out (automatically redirecting your home page is not so good!)

Anyway, the changelog for this version is as follows:

  • Add Dutch translation
  • WordPress 2.9+ only – cleaned up all the old cruft
  • Better new-install process
  • Upgrades from 1.0 of Redirection no longer supported
  • Optimized DB tables

You can grab the new version from SVN:

If you have time there’s a short survey in the plugin that asks a few questions about how you use it. My aim is to simplify it and focus on the things people actually use, and the only way to do that is find out. You can also take part in the survey directly.

15 thoughts on “Redirection 2.2”

  1. Alright, after biting out more than one tooth on trying to understand and make it work, I am coming to the conclusion that this might not work with “same domain redirect to subdomain”. Am I correct? I’m trying to do: =>

    I was hoping that with having the ID being the same in the old and new constellation that it would be easy, but alas can’t make it work. Am I missing something?

    1. As long as the source domain is running WordPress and Redirection then you should be able to do it. The source URL should also be relative to your site, not an absolute URL.

  2. thanks for the awesome plugin!

    is the fix for the “automatically redirecting your home page” bug in models/monitor.php? i can see there’s an extra “$before != ‘/'” in there. but my site isn’t in the root folder so that bit doesn’t work for me.

    also, i thought it’d be good if it wouldn’t automatically add a redirect if the ‘from’ url is an existing page.

    so i’ve done:

    $sitepath = parse_url(get_site_url());
    if ( in_array( $post->post_status, array( ‘publish’, ‘static’ ) ) && $before != $after && $before != $sitepath[‘path’].’/’ && !get_posts(array(‘pagename’ => $before)) ) {

    hope that survives the comment formatting and is helpful. i’m currently unable to donate to you because of restrictions from my employers. 🙁

  3. I’m using Redirection 2.2.3 on WordPress 3.1 and am still getting the home page redirect problem. Are any fixes/updates in the works for this?

  4. Hello.

    I have installed the plugin Versión 2.2.3, when I do a redirect generates east error

    “Sorry, but the redirection was not created”

    Help me please?
    Excuse me, my English isn’t very good.

  5. Hi, I have been using Redirection for a long time by now. Until recently, I am changing my site’s subdomain where I used to run a blog to a naked domain (from to and post’s permalink in blog used to be but now I want it to go for

    I was a fool doing it manually but realized can’t do it for 594 more articles so seeking some help from you. **Can I add something to work in the .htaccess in the blog URL’s domain directory (http://blog…..) since I will be removing the WP from blog.

    But my main domain (http://eke…) will be running WP and redirection both. Should I work in blog’s directory as said above ** or can do the redirection from the current domain? Hope you understood my query. Thank you.

    1. Not sure what you’re asking. Redirection can only redirect from the blog it is running on. If you have an old site then it would need to run there as well.

  6. A perfect plugin! Since the survey is closed, I will tell here, how I use it. I have a plugin that displays nice carousel on the frontpage. Plugin settings allow only pages or only posts to appear there. I am using pages option. Now I needed a category page (the one listing all articles of it) to appear there. So I created a page, plugin sees it and shows it in carousel, while it is redirected to a category I need!
    Works nicely! Thank you and wait for my donation 😉

  7. Very handy plugin. I have a weird problem though – looked around and can’t see anyone else reporting it. I use the Apache ht.access mode for storing the redirects, and we have 61 redirects in place (from an old website to the new one) which all work brilliantly. But I have a couple at least that I cannot add through the tool (I can add them by editing the ht.access file, but then the tool does not know about them). The mysterious thing is they are exactly the same format as the other 61, with the only difference being the name of the file. So they are of the form
    (oldsite)/dir1/productname -> (newsite)/dira/dirb/newproductname.

    For the two files that fail, when I enter the old and new data in the redirect tool (also ticking the reg box because I am using a regex match) and hit Add Redirection, the little ‘thinking’ circle pops up over the redirect information and just stays like that. The redirect never gets added, and the thinking circle just keeps going round and round. Checking the ht.access file, nothing has been added.

    I thought I might have hit a limit on the number of redirects allowed, but I had one fail, then I tried a different product name and it worked fine, then I tried the failing one again and same happened, so it is not a limit. I retyped the product name to make sure no naughty content had crept in, but still no difference. I can’t see why a different product name character string would possibly cause this failure. But before I go in and try to debug it, I thought I would ask to see if anyone has had the same problem. All the ‘loops’ I could find on Google were loops in redirections, rather than in the tool itself.

  8. Had to remove plug in and comment out htaccess file as I could no longer get to the wordpress admin, it kept directing in an infinite loop. Any suggestions?

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