Best Of Guangzhou

One major frustration I find living in China is that the internet is not nearly as useful as in the West. What little information is available is hard to find, hidden deep in forums, or is covered in annoying animated pictures (a predilection of Chinese web-sites, unfortunately*).

Anyway, with this in mind I’ve been busy helping to put together a ‘Best Of’ website for Guangzhou, the city in which I currently live. It’s not complete yet, and there are big holes in the information, but it tries to give some real information (or at the very least, information that I would find useful).

Consider this a plug for the aforementioned site. If you’re interested then you can visit it at Even better, if you’ve been to Guangzhou or live there now, please do send an opinion or review!

Note to any Chinese web developers – you do not have to fill every square centimetre of screen space with writing or moving images. My computer should not run at 100% just to visit your website.

3 thoughts on “Best Of Guangzhou”

  1. Wow cool, that’s great! I may come to Guangzhou this winter, but i haven’t been able to find any decent website with useful informations. Thank you for creating this website 😉

  2. Great work.

    I’ve never been to Guangzhou nor to china, but your website has a clean design and easy structure which makes it easy to find things you’re probably looking for.

  3. I just want to say that Chinese websites are …. well I can’t politely say what they are, beyond very annoying! They seem to think that it’s not a proper site unless there are hundreds of pictures and animations crammed onto a page with thousands of links.

    Thankfully your site is not like that! Also, interesting you’re in Guangzhou. I used to live in Zhaoqing which is an hour or two to the west. These days, I’m up near Beijing, in Hebei.

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