So here’s my little foray into WordPress themes. From here you can download any themes I’ve produced, or read a guide to creating your own.

Guides to creating your own themes

If you want to try customizing your own theme, then have a look at my WordPress Theme Dissection – a set of guides dissecting a WordPress theme and hopefully demonstrating how to begin customizing your own.

You may also find it useful to read another guide I wrote on installing WordPress on a local computer. It makes the whole theme customization process a lot faster and easier, and protects you from accidentally messing-up your live website.


Guangzhou is a two-column fixed width theme for both WordPress and bbPress. It is highly configurable, with two widget areas (sidebar and bottom), as well as customisable skins and many other options.


Theme image

Giraffe2 – WordPress 2.0 only version of the Giraffe theme. Has everything that Giraffe 1.23 contains, with the addition of configurable columns, WordPress Widget support, live preview options, customizable colour schemes, and a logo manager.


Theme image

Giraffe – Fully customizable and localized fluid or fixed width theme. Posts are split into lead, recent, and older posts. Has a working print CSS, along with pre-defined colour schemes, and is configured via an administration interface.

193 Responses to Themes

  1. Wayne & Lisa: I’ll include this as an option in the next release.

    Nicholas: Thanks, I’ll have a look see what’s causing the weird behaviour!

  2. When your browser does not send REFERERs and you click to submit changes anywhere in the WordPress administration screen, you get the error:

    Fatal error: Undefined class name ‘g2′ in /public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/giraffe2/header.php on line 214

  3. Like Lisa, I’d also like to create a new page and have it appear just like my main page… ie: with no ‘lead story’ and all text alignded alongside my right side column.
    At the moment, the new page treats added text like it is a ‘lead story’ that spreads across the page.
    Is there a way to modify this?

  4. Hi,

    Great theme.

    I need your help, please. Can you modify for me the file single.php from Giraffe2 for a single page layout with sidebars at the top, justified text (not wide) the same as in the index.php? My PHP are like my english, you know.

    Thank you so much.

  5. Took a long time to find you but exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!!
    I am having one problem… I want my archives to show my post with all links and images. I read that this was the fix?

    “The category and archive views (both controlled by “archive.php” template of your theme) use the_excerpt that strips off all tags (images, links….). If you want to show text formatting and images on archives/category pages you have to replace the_excerpt with the_content. Look in Archive template”

    But I can’t find the_excerpt anywhere??

  6. I just installed giraffe2 and am trying to enable 3 columns by changing the presentation/layout. When I try to update options it says “can’t find the server at itsthesystem.comwp-admin.” (the path should be WordPress itself has the right path – the update options works for options/general). What do I need to change to correct the path?