Guangzhou Theme

Guangzhou is a two-column fixed width theme for both WordPress and bbPress. It is highly configurable, with two widget areas (sidebar and bottom), as well as customisable skins and many other options. It supports threaded and paged comments, making for very flexible discussion pages, as well as separating pings and trackbacks from comments – essential to keep the flow of conversation consistent.


  • Supports both WordPress 2.8+ and bbPress 1.0+ for a unified appearance
  • Widget enabled, with several additional widgets provided (posts in category, recent comments, page information, random posts)
  • Works out of the box with HeadSpace, Search Unleashed, and Sniplets
  • Fully localized
  • Configurable menus
  • Skinnable – select from one of several skin colours, or create your own
  • Per-page skins – assign different colours to different parts of your site
  • Threaded comments
  • Paged comments
  • Separation of comments and pings/trackbacks
  • Gravatars
  • Hard working – has been in use and fine-tuned here for over a year

Note: some features are not available in the bbPress version

WordPress Automatic Installation

Note that this is a WordPress 2.8+ only feature.

  1. Select ‘Add New Themes’ from the Appearance menu
  2. Enter ‘Guangzhou’ as the term
  3. Locate the Guangzhou theme (version 0.2.4) and click on install
  4. Activate the Guangzhou theme
  5. Configure the options from the Guangzhou/Options and Guangzhou/Skins page

Further details can be found in the installing a WordPress theme guide.

WordPress Manual Installation

Manual installation is very simple.

  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Upload guangzhou directory to your /wp-content/themes directory
  4. Go to the themes management page and activate the theme
  5. Configure the options from the Guangzhou/Options and Guangzhou/Skins page

Further details can be found in the installing a WordPress theme guide.


The options page is split into three areas:

  • Menus – configure the top and bottom menus
  • Post options – various settings to configure what appears
  • Other options – everything else such as Twitter links


There are three menus in Guangzhou: main, top, and bottom. The main menu refers to the primary big tab menu.

Main Menu

The top menu refers to the smaller menu at the very top of the page:

Top Menu

The bottom menu refers to the menu at the very bottom:

Footer Menu

All menus are created through WordPress link categories. From the Links/Link Categories page you should create a new category for each of the menus. You can then add items into these categories for each menu item. The item name will appear as the menu text, with the item URL as the link and description as the link hover title. If you need to reorder the items you can use the item rating to control it’s position in the menu (higher rated items appear before lower rated items).

Once you’ve created menu link categories and assigned menu items into them you can tell Guangzhou which category to use for each of the menus.

Guangzhou options

Post Options

Guangzhou splits the home page into latest posts and recent posts. Latest posts are full width and are the focus of the home page, with recent posts being older items. You can set how many posts appear in each area with the post options. Additionally you can also specify post categories to be excluded from the home page (both latest and recent posts).

Post Options


The skins page lets you select the Guangzhou colour scheme to be used on your site, as well as allowing you to change the default width.

URL-specific skins be set such that the skin is changed if a particular URL is matched. For example, on this site the plugins and themes URLs (/plugin/ and /theme/) URLs are set to use the green skin, while the rest of the site uses blue orange. The URL will match any child page so /plugin/ will match /plugin/first and /plugin/first/second.


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  2. oh ok I understand. The version u sent me was made for WP2.8
    Unfortunatelly the 2.8 gives me problems with some of the plugins I use so… I will wait for a while until all the plugin I use will be optimized for 2.8, unless u have a theme 2.7 compatible. :)


  3. I just unzipped this theme, tried switching my current theme to this one and now I have lost everything! My blog is blank! Is this a virus?