Pegasus Mail

My first real exposure to the internet came via a University email address, and Pegasus Mail – a DOS based email client. The email address is long gone, but it seems that Pegasus Mail has been going strong ever since:

So now we’re about to enter the third decade of Pegasus Mail. Will it make it to 30? Who knows, but I really hope so: I still enjoy working on it, and even though the Pegasus Mail Thousand hasn’t had entirely the response I might have hoped for, I’ll keep working on Pegasus Mail and Mercury for as long as I can.

Pegasus Mail – Twenty Years Old And Counting.

Big Trak Returns!

As a boy I spent many a happy hour wishing I had a Big Trak, a programmable toy moon buggy thing. Maybe it was an early sign of geekness, or maybe it was the fact that it was just really cool and I imagined myself getting it to do all kinds of exciting things.

I was surprised to see that it’s back in production and now being sold as a kitsch nostalgia toy for grown-ups!

Image taken from the Wikipedia entry with CC Share Alike license