Separate Comments & Pings Plugin

Separate Comments & Pings is a WordPress plugin that removes all pings and trackbacks from your comments pages and allows you to display them on their own, enhancing the flow of conversation. You can find more details about why you would want to do this in the guide to separating comments and pings.

To summarize:

  • Removes pings and trackbacks from comment pages
  • Makes pings and trackbacks available in a new variable $pings
  • Automatically adjusts comment count


The plugin is simple to install:

  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Upload separate-comments-pings directory to your /wp-content/plugins directory
  4. Go to the plugin management page and enable the plugin

This plugin is not compatible with the Paged Comments Plugin – you will need to read separating comments and pings article and implement the functionality independently.


Once the plugin is installed no pings or trackbacks will appear in your comments. Should you wish to display pings and trackbacks as a separate list then you will need to follow the details given in separating comments and pings.

39 thoughts on “Separate Comments & Pings Plugin”

  1. Thanks a bunch! Very helpful. 🙂 Just wondering if there was a way so that, on the index page, it won’t show ‘1 comments’ when there’s a trackback/ping? When you actually check the permalink the trackback doesn’t appear int he comments, but it still shows as ‘1 comment’ on the main page.


  2. There’s not an easy way to remove pings from the value shown on the index page, at least not without impacting site performance.

  3. I tried this in my blog. Basically, I placed it in my plug-ins folder and activated it. How come it does not work? Do I need to do the manual edit of comments.php for this to work? 😀

  4. Just by installing the plugin you should see that pings are no longer included in your comments. If you want to display pings separately then you’ll need to follow the details in the extra guide.

  5. I am currently using the plug-in Brian’s Threaded comments (which requires you to change your comments.php file) and the pingbacks are still showing. However, if I revert back to the original comments.php file, the separate comments & pings plug-in works. These two plug-ins are not compatible with each other? 😀

  6. Very nice, simple, plugin. Thank You.

    What line of code do I need to use to get this to work on pages vs. the main index.php?

  7. I don’t know LOL I have one particular thread that has a lot of ping backs. I downloaded your plugin, dropped it in my plugins folder.. then, activated it. Once active, I viewed my page with a lot of trackbacks/pings and all of them still appear… the page is your plugin is currently active.

  8. Hi, really nice plugin but i installed and activate it and nothing happend, i could not find any readme for any other instructions.

  9. Hi,

    This plugin worked great, except for one issue: the comments.php file will count the total number of comments AND pingbacks (even when pingbacks are hidden with this plugin)

    is there a way to tell WP not to count the pingbacks with this plugin installed?

    for example:

    11 comments for the post “Chocolate Orange Truffles” should actually read
    10 comments for the post “Chocolate Orange Truffles” (as the pingback is hidden)


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