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Redirection is now being developed on Github. I’ve been running it there for a few months now and have already received several pull requests and fixes. It’s a good place for other people to contribute.

It’s also the best place to report any bugs or feature suggestions (anything sent to me by email tends to disappear into a black hole, and patrolling the forums is very time-consuming).

If you’d like to run with the latest version of the plugin then please do use the Github repo as the canonical ‘trunk’ version. The more people that do this, the less likely I am to release something that breaks sites.

I’ve yet to put a working git-to-SVN system together so I’ll manually sync things over to the SVN repository when ready for release.

That all-important link:

I look forward to seeing how it develops!

7 thoughts on “Redirection on Github”

  1. Hi John,

    Bit of a novice questions of sorts – I downloaded your handy plug-in and have a question: I am currently developing a site on my computer locally and plan to move it to a host provider once ready. Do you know what exactly I should be using for the redirect URL? Right now, pages are of course defaulting to my local host, but should I be just entering the site’s actual URL followed by page id, etc (i.e. replace the ‘localhost:8888’ with the site URL)?


    Any advice you could share would be welcome!



  2. I see an option to import redirections. Is there an option to export them? We are not only moving our site from one host to another we are completely redoing the site, design, construction, et cetera. We would like to export the existing redirects so that we can import them to the new database. I realize that the redirects which are created via the plugin are probably stored in the 404 table in the database but I don’t know what else resides there (I am not a WP guru. Sorry) and I don’t want to risk creating problems (which is one of the reasons we are recreating our site from scratch, to begin with)

  3. Hi, I used your “Redirection” plugin for WordPress
    but now Google Search Console say that there are no instructions for 301 redirect.
    So, your plugin use “refresh” or “301 redirect”?

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