5 thoughts on “Lego Brick Flats”

  1. Hi, please could i have soem help with your redirection plugin ? I have activated it as I need it to automatically redirect (I changed my permalink structure from the default one to postname only). I can see that it’s collecting the 404 errors (there are thousands of them) but I cannot see how to set the redirect up automatically so that readers are sent to the right URL. Its a big deal for me but I’m not technical, so I’d really appreciate some help/. I did post in the wp forum but havent had any reply – this affects my readers experience and I thought it would be fairly simple to set up automatic redirects, so I’m a bit stuck and would urgently appreciate some assistance to get it working. thank you very much

    1. You should ask your question in the appropriate place. A post about flats in Hong Kong is not a good place for discussing Redirection.

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