6 thoughts on “Redirection 1.7.5: HTTP 410 status code added”

  1. Great addition! May I suggest you add the name of each HTTP code next to its number in the drop-down menu? I really have a hard time remembering what 302 or 307 does…

  2. I have used the redirection plugin on my wordpress blog and somehow encountered this problem hope anyone can help out.

    Whenever I choose the "add http://www." option using the redirection plugin, the "Global translator" plugin I have on my blog can’t seems to work due to the redirection.

    But when I remove the "add http://www." option, I can use the translation again.

    Can someone please advise why?


  3. http://urbangiraffe.com/2007/05/03/redirection-175-http-410-status-code-added/
    Redirection 1.7.5: HTTP 410 status code added
    May 3, 2007 | Tags: redirect
    Redirection version confusion…

    Redirection 1.7.5 has been released and adds:
    * HTTP status code 410 added to list of options

    But the link to this goes to:
    and the version number there says: 1.7.26

    Did you just forget to change the version number on
    that page are is the download of the older 1.7.26
    version and not the newer Redirection 1.7.5

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