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After all the hype and bubble-blowing, I decided to dip my little pinkie into the mix and experiment with AJAX. The result has been the release of a new plugin, cleverly titled ‘AJAX Calendar‘. Once installed this allows the standard WordPress calendar function to be enhanced such that:

  • Stepping through the months is now asynchronous, and only updates the calendar
  • Clicking on the calendar title takes you back to the current month
  • Clicking on the funny «-» button will expand the calendar and display the posts headings for that month
  • All content is cached
  • Works in most browsers

The plugin requires modifications to the WordPress theme, although these modifications have been included in version 1.23 of the Giraffe theme.

Have a play.

One thought on “AJAX Calendar”

  1. Hi, this plugin seems to be great, and I want to use this in my site. I tried this in my local test site (xampp + firefox), and I have a couple of request to improve.

    1) Link to prev/next month
    In your site, for example, there are no entry in October 2005. So the calender of November shows “Sep” as a link to previous month, however, when clicking on the link, the calendar of October shows up. I want it be consistent.

    2) Compatibility with WP2.0
    This does not work with WordPress2.0RC1. Wors fine with WordPress1.5.2. Sorry if you have already noticed it, but I appreciate you could soon release the compatible version after official release of WP2.0.

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