Planes, trains, and computer failure

My last post was June 6th, and today it’s June 21st. In the time since then my hard drive had a spasm of identity, and I went back to England for a short holiday. Actually, both happened at the same time, which has left my computer pretty much incapacitated until I got back to Prague. Now I have the fun task of restoring its former glory. And they say computers are designed to make our lives easier.

While most of my work and emails were backed up, I had 10’s of gigs of photos and videos that were not, and not all of them survived. It’s quite disheartening really, as some were the only copies I had.

What was more disturbing was that after re-installing Windows, and before I could download a firewall and update Windows from Windows Update, my computer was infected with four different viruses/trojans. Now that’s scary, and makes me wonder at the state of the vast majority of the computer population.

Anyway, a large external hard drive was purchased and now an image of my entire computer is backed up, and not just a selection of files I deem important. I’m certainly not going through this again! Suffice to say that it will be a few days before everything is back up to speed and I can continue playing with WordPress.

To end this tale I’ll add a photo that demonstrates my feelings towards my computer after wasting several days of my life.

Smashy comp

(an old iBook that was found broken and wouldn’t give up it’s meagre 3GB hard drive – the very drive that provided a vital part in rescuing data from the crash)

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