Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 4

The finished result & conclusion

So that’s it – the Kubrick theme has been thoroughly dissected and we now have our own basic, but personalised, theme.

The experience gained here should allow us to break away from the overall Kubrickness of our new theme, and let us experiment with entirely different designs. One important fact that should now be apparent is that the layout in Kubrick is not imposed by WordPress but is just one of many possible ways of using WordPress. Experimentation is definitely the key.

Before I finish I will show the final theme, using the three designs introduced in part two. It should be noted that minor changes to margins have been made to improve the overall appearance. These changes have been included in the downloadable themes.

Final theme 1
Final theme 2
Final theme 3

I hope that this series of guides has been useful and that it might serve as a starting point for your own creations.


Please direct all support questions to the Theme and Templates support forum. Any support questions left on this page may not be answered.

105 thoughts on “Dissection of a WordPress theme: Part 4”

  1. Superb, Stunning and Diligent… I was just looking how to design a WordPress theme from my HTML template and this is one tutorial which was just perfect. Thanks for all the painstaking documentation. God Bless!

  2. Thank YOU!

    I thought I knew CSS but one look at the Kubrick style.css made wonder whether I really knew it. Anyway, that look was enough to put aside the theme redesign project I had in mind, particularly when I found that whatever changes I make to the stylesheet, the header had the same blue background. It was only when I went through your tutorial that I really was able to identify the problem and go to the Admin panel of wordpress.

    Your tutorial provided many more such insights into small details with big impact.

    Above all, it provided the confidence to start on the theme redesign project.

    Once again, Thank YOU!

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