Dishwasher music

Duran Duran Everybody has some musical cheese that they secretly enjoy. Beneath our oh-so-cool exterior beats a heart of wobbly glam-rock horrors, ’70s cornball, and New Romantic meltdowns. We’re born with this stuff so why fight it?

Having lived in the Czech Republic for nearly half a year I now realize that a great percentage of the Czech population are not afraid to show their love of kitsch music. I am sure a great underground scene exists here, somewhere, but the stuff that gets piped on the radio and in shops and other public places is firmly rooted in 80’s hair-rock and power ballads.

One song in particular seems to follow me around in an almost predatory manner. The song is Total Eclipse Of The Heart, sung by the never-changing Bonnie Tyler.

It is with great amusement that I find this link to, how shall I put it… a heavily stylised cover of the classic song. It’s a fairly bulky download, coming in at almost 5MB, but your patience will be rewarded with an auditory (and visual) delight. Just keep some tissues handy for when the bleeding starts.

Incidentally, anything involving puppets is bad. Period.

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