WordPress Theme Guide

Dissection of a WordPress theme:

Also, a guide to installing WordPress on your own computer – this is very important if you are developing your own theme.

Printable guide

A fully revised and complete PDF edition is now available. This has been extensively edited and has additional information on three-column layouts, as well as several fixes.

Order a professionally printed copy

After some suggestions, you can also order your very own professionally printed copy of the revised guide, complete with full-colour cover and easy-to-use spiral binding.

Why would you want to do this? Not only will you get an extra chapter on how to install WordPress on your own computer (seen here), along with full contents and other pages, but you’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you’ve helped keep the wolf away from my door for another day.

All this (and the 93 pages) is yours for $12 – yes, it’s a knock-down, shiver-me-timbers, full on bargain.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Note that everything is handled by Lulu, a well established printing company created by the founder of RedHat. You don’t actually have to deal with a shady internet guy like myself.


Please direct all support questions to the support forum.

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