InScript is an extensible scripting framework that provides the capability to insert and modify data without needing to modify any WordPress files.

At the simplest level, it is a generic pattern matcher – it searches for specific patterns, or tags, and replaces them with something else. However, instead of replacing these patterns with static text, you can replace them with variables, functions, and even PHP code.

Some of the features that InScript provides are:

  • Dynamic variables, which can be used in many places and are automatically updated (the version and last updated details above are dynamic variables)
  • Disable WordPress texturize functions across the whole blog, individual posts, or even individual words
  • Conversely, enable texturize, textile, markdown, or any formatting on individual posts or words
  • Embed well-defined scripts inside posts and any other part of WordPress, without modifying the theme

The embedded scripts are very powerful, and allow you to do things like:

  • Insert post & author information
  • Add HTTP meta-values and make them post-specific
  • Customise the appearance of words, paragraphs, or posts
  • Change date formats on individual sections
  • Insert highlighted code
  • Insert custom PHP code
  • Add custom stylesheets for specific posts

Because of the extensible nature of the plugin, you can add ‘scriptlets’ (mini-plugins) that provide extra features and yet use the same InScript framework.

125 thoughts on “InScript”

  1. Nell, did you give permissions to all the subdirectories? auto.php is created for you, and if it doesnt have permissions then it cant create it.

  2. Same issue – permissions are set as 644 files and 755 directories (with phpsuexec), and auto.php won’t auto create. Wont’ work with 777. Is there a workaround? Thanks…

  3. Hi John,

    with WP 2.1 it works fine!
    But with WP 2.1.3. (different project) I have same problem as Neil and stephen ..
    Best regards

  4. Dirk & Stephen: Try version 1.7.2. I’ve removed the need to create a file, thus removing any problems with file permissions.

  5. Hi John,
    how can I integrate different post excerpts within a post and let them rotate by random?
    Can I call a function with a function for this purpose?
    The following solution doesn’t work with the %%post_excerpt%% variable:

    but it works with e.g. %%post_title%%.

    What can I do?

  6. Thanks Stephen, very appreciated!

    Dirk, can you repost the code with escaped HTML, or send it in an email? WordPress ate most of it!

  7. Hi John,
    how can I integrate different post excerpts within a post and let them rotate by random or with a timer which changes the displayed excerpts e.g. every hour?
    This function does not work, I dont know why …
    %%post_excerpt [url=/index.php/!!randomexcerpts!!/]%%

    Best regards


  8. A complaint from a fan
    I upgrade to the latest version of inscript 1.7.3. Bad idea ! I caught this wordpress 2.1 plugin management message:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare escape_string() (previously declared in /var/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/inscript.php:70) in /var/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/inscript/inscript.php on line 73
    Any help will be appreciated. Sounds like a code typo 😉 .Got no time to fix it on my own.

  9. Hi Joetke, it looks like you’ve got two versions of InScript installed. One is at plugins/inscript.php, and the other is at plugins/inscript/inscript.php. The correct version is the last.

  10. Hi John, I’m trying to use your plugin InScript, but I can’t find the documentation file "inscript.pdf". I do not see it on the plugin page or in the zip file. Please help!

  11. Hi

    I can across this plugin whilst looking at your redirection plugin.

    Where is the documentation, it is not in the zip file?

    Does this plugin allow me to put javascript in a post or widget?

    Thanks in advance

  12. In oneˇs my web is it OK byut on another web is it not to good, it make a false….I must more learn – but thanks for all. Petr

  13. I’d been using InScript on one of my sites for a long time and somewhere very recently, it seems to have started causing problems–with the “the_content” filter checked, the whole contents of every page and post just vanishes. I know InScript had been working for a long time and I’m not sure what changed (possibly WP2.6.x?).

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