Filled In History


  • Add pagination to form list, with sortable columns
  • Fix issues with reports accepting data from pre 1.6 Filled In

1.6 – Major update

  • Refactored base classes to simplify design and reduce complexity
  • Use new rendering function for better separation of code/HTML
  • Added file attachments to email
  • Rewrote AJAX code to simplify design
  • Removed field name clash by digging deeper into WordPress
  • Dropped the Filled In tag wrappers – just use form ID
  • Support file uploads that are saved between form validation
  • Better support for field arrays
  • Use WordPress 2.1 table name prefix
  • Merged filters and processors together to create extensions
  • Add result extensions, removed the thank-you field
  • Extensions can be enabled or disabled
  • Extensions can be ordered
  • Added reports
  • Added lots of new extensions
  • Added a ‘time to complete form’ statistic
  • Capture cookie details
  • Use the super Swiftmailer emailing library
  • Use the Pure Mango CAPTCHA library
  • Use Prototype lite for AJAX, reducing download size dramatically
  • Optimize database accesses for a large performance increase (especially when displaying statistics)
  • Big change to database tables. Upgrade script maintains most things, but configuration for extensions is lost
  • Lots of other stuff I can’t remember


  • Use correct table prefix
  • Use wpurl instead of home for blog URL


  • Bug fixes
  • Improved admin interface


  • Reorganize admin menu
  • Add email templates


  • Use Element.scrollTo instead of anchors
  • Fix escaped quotes in display


  • AJAX re-dux


  • Initial release

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