Ho’s Chinese Restaurant

A super-authentic Chinese restaurant on Vicar Lane, just on the edge of Leeds city centre. Crazy music, nonchalant waiters, and spot-on dim sum – exactly like being in China. The price is very reasonable too, and there’s a bakery downstairs should you want more on top of your glutinous fun.

Ho’s Chinese Restaurant

2 thoughts on “Ho’s Chinese Restaurant”

  1. Fortunately, I know what a good DimSum should taste like because my grandfather was Chinese origin and I normally eat in London’s China Town.
    So I will checking out the Ho’s when I attend a wedding next week.
    Thanks …my mouth is already watering!

  2. I’m a Chinese and I live in China.I found that many western people like Chinese food.Do you think Chinese food is the most delicious food in the world? Chinese food is also the third most healthy food in the world. The first and second places are Korean food and Singapore food. In fact,they both belong to Chinese food.

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