Gravatar Widget

If you’re in the market for a quick and simple way to display a Gravatar in a WordPress sidebar then check out the recently released Gravatar Widget plugin, as seen on

Some of the features of the plugin:

  • Email address of Gravatar taken from a user on the blog, or any address
  • Change size of Gravatar
  • Image alignment
  • URL for Gravatar (when someone clicks on the image)
  • Add arbitrary text to your widget
  • Fully localized

2 thoughts on “Gravatar Widget”

  1. I like the new gratavar widget, hopefully will ask admin to plugin it, this is my new found site for useful information. thanks all

  2. Cool little gadget. I installed it but first I couldn’t see any way to set it up. Then I remembered it was a Widget, so I looked in the Appearance > Themes > Widgets area and there it was. Bingo!

    Drag the Gravitar Widget to the area on your WP template where u want it, like on the single.php page, for example. Then select the User name, a URL to your Gravitar, the size, the picture alignment (L, R, None) and your caption text. Save the info, close the Gravitar, and Bob’s your uncle!

    It works very nicely. THANK YOU! Clever code. 🙂

    PS: I have disabled it until I finish some other stuff. But I have plans for this baby. 🙂

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