Best onions

Freshly returned from Hong Kong, I remembered this photo I took in Zhaoqing, in Guangdong province, Southern China. As far as I can tell, this may be the best example of Chinglish discovered. I should add that I did not go on an onion-smelling tour (the bus actually stopped at a mushroom farm, but that’s another issue), and the area was not known for its prize onions.

Best Onions

I managed to loose my mp3 player on arrival to HK, which caused much distress, but fortunately it was found by Lufthansa when I returned to the airport. Probably as a product of this, and the fact that gadgets are quite a bit cheaper over there, I picked up an iPod shuffle. A review may ensue.

Other than that I turned 30 and had a super time.

2 thoughts on “Best onions”

  1. I’ve discovered the true meaning of this phrase now. It should read something like This is the best area for breathing in ions. It seems that the area is full of negetively charged ions, which the Chinese believe are great for general well-being.

  2. Yes, you are right, it should be This is the best area for breathing in ions LOL
    Wait a minute, you left a reply to your own post? Why not ‘update’ your article? I thought the ‘John’ is the other one 🙂
    Posted on April 3, 2005 Oh…

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